A.W. Bauer - BD. Oxford Shirt 43

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Perfectly pairing formal and casual into one shirt, a highly versatile button-down shirt from A.W. Bauer, Stockholm, Sweden. Its made up in a super fine and luxurious basketweave cotton cloth, making it robust yet lustrous and soft.

The shirt is hand made and features a nice 5 cm high collar stand with a button-down collar. Hand sewn buttonholes and mother of pearl buttons.

Pair with jeans, chinos, flannel or cord trousers.  

Size: EU 43, Tailored fit, slightly shorter sleeves. Please check measurements: shoulders: 47 cm, chest: 56 cm, waist: 52 cm, length: 76 cm, sleeve: 59 cm.

Composition: 100% cotton

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A.W. Bauer was founded in 1863 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Johan W Bauer. The tailor house is counted as one of the finest in the world according to Financial Times. Today located on Brunnsgatan in Stockholm.