Byredo - Black Saffron EDP, 50 ml

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According to Byredo, often associated to fire, Saffron is consider as the most auspicious colour in India. The monks and sages of Hinduism wear Saffron clothes as a symbol of abstinence from all the material things, thoughts and pleasure. It has always been a part of Byredo’s founder, Ben Gorham, Indian upbringing both smell, taste and colour. The fragrance from 2012 is inspired by this idea of unity and inclusion.

This fragrance feels very oriental, warm and spicy, leather and wood.

Top notes: Juniper berries, pomelo and saffron. Heart: leather, rose and black violet. Base: vetiver, raspberry and wood.

Eau de Parfume 50 ml spray, approximately 90% left.

Made in France,